About Shadow of the Imago Vol. I

This book is a memoir of Simon, of an adolescent year in the Arcadian San Juan Archipelago of Puget Sound, a northwestern version of the Greek Aegean. Simon, a pubescent Odysseus, matured in this islanded environment of boats, fishermen, sailors and yachtsmen, all drawn to his father’s boatyard by their common love of the sea. Soon into the story Simon begins to appreciate the attributes of Zoe, a blond nymphet of Swedish extraction. Together they learn something of sailing and something of life. Yes, even in the primordial 1930s some teenagers were tempted by Eve’s apple, and yes, Zoe and Simon savored a bit of that pome. The carnal appetite of Simon’s father brought their fledgling love to a catastrophic denouement. The relationship deteriorated into a circumstance that resulted in Simon being exiled as a ship’s boy aboard a lumber schooner engaged to in the China trade.

Shadow of the Imago can be purchased at Amazon.

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