About Windjamming to China Vol. II

The book ‘Windjamming to China’ is a twentieth-century memoir of my China odyssey on the schooner Vigilant. The Vigilant was the last and the largest of the great commercial windjammers ever built in the United States, or elsewhere. She was a five masted American cargo schooner of 262 ft. waterline length, 48 ft. beam and 23.5 ft. draft. She was built by the George F. Matthews Shipyard in Hoquiam, Washington and was launched December 20, 1919. In psychoanalytic terms, the sea was for me a archetype of the unconscious and an analogue of the womb. In this context, though the sea threatens drowning and extinction, it also provides the opportunity for ritual immersion and rebirth.

For more information, see the official site or purchase at Amazon.

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