Auguries of the Primordial

Auguries of the Primordial immerses its reader into the very fabric of the biggest, wettest, and most awe-inspiring temperate rainforest in the world. The geography of the book is a thousand islanded archipelago with deep twisting fjords, snow-capped mountains swaddled in centuries-old gigantic western hemlock and sitka spruce trees. Its biosphere abounds with marine and terrestrial life, boasting of the earth’s densest populations of humongous brown bears, and exulting in the numerous species of whales and in the abundance of other aquatic life in its frigid iceberged waters.

The stories in this book are accurate accounts of real events, involving real people in real life-engulfing circumstances. The research component of these narratives is placed on the individualized learning experience of a real person embroiled up to his neck in real happenstances.

This book can be purchased on Amazon.


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