Image in the Wind

imageinthewindImage in the Wind is an assortment of eight authentic slice of life stories set in the vast forested wilderness and the thousands of miles of passages, channels, and fjords of the Alexander Archipelago. This was the author’s life, exempt from public haunt, finding tongues in trees, books in burbling streams, sermons in stones, and good in everything.

The Russians called our island Ostrov Kutsnoi, “Fear Island”, probably because Alaskan brownies far outnumbered the human inhabitants. Gigantic trees grew, huge birds flew, oversized fish swam, immense bears prowled, and whales swam in the fathomless fjords of this wilderness. Within this wild splendor dwelled indigenous peoples who, since time immemorial, have accessed its rich resources of land and sea. The forest floor was thickly covered with mosses and blueberry, while muskegs opened the tall forest canopy to sedge and sphagnum bogs. This memoir gives its reader a key that unlocks a door to the past, to the unspoiled wilderness of yesteryear.

This book can be purchased on Amazon.


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