The Ptrials of the Ptarmigan



In wintertime, the ptarmigan —
As everybody knows —
Is blameless as a butterfly
And whiter than the snows.

He nibbles on the foliage
Of willow and of rose,
Assimilating nourishment
From anything that grows.

But in the silly summertime
He reels from bar to bar;
His plumage darkly mottled
And his soul as black as ptar.

The ptourist is another bird
Of corresponding feather.
He flocks in Spring like anything
And congregates together.

And when the summer time arrives
He grabs a handy gun
And goes to kill the ptarmigan
For supper or for fun.

But ultimately, chilling winds
Confine him to the house:
The ptourist in the winter time
Remains at home to grouse.

And then the subtle ptarmigan,
At ten degrees below,
Assumes his pristine charmigan,
And, safe from mortal
harmigan —
Secure from hunt’s alarmigan —
As white as driven snow.


2 comments on “The Ptrials of the Ptarmigan

  1. Clark L Natwick says:

    Hello Phil,
    Thank you for sharing your blog address. I read here and there & found the Ptarmigan poem which to me to Ptarmigan Park in Colorado. Very interesting.
    Your writing draws the reader in, curious about what is next.


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